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Meet the newest member of our team to Honduras! We are thrilled to announce that Carol Carney, currently a clinical nurse instructor at Pensacola Christian College, will be joining us in Honduras to run the medical clinic. She will be finishing up her teaching at the college this semester and completing some medical missions trips in May and June. She will be going to Ecuador and Peru for a total of 5 weeks before she will be free to begin raising her support for the field. She will be sent out of Cleveland Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio and is currently working to acquire a mission board to assist her.
As some of you that have visited the property in Honduras are aware, there is a large medical clinic there that was staffed at one point by a doctor and on a short term basis by nursing students. No one is currently there to provide medical assistance to the orphans or the nearby village. The nearest good medical care to the property is approximately 45 minutes away. Carol has a desire to open the clinic at some point to the nearby community in order to use it as an outreach. She was able to visit the field for a few days this month on a whirlwind trip and the Lord confirmed in her heart her desire to be there.
There are still many details that need to be worked out for Carol’s arrival in Honduras, most urgently of which is support. If you or your church are interested in supporting her, please feel free to ask us for her contact information. She will be beginning deputation as soon as she returns from her medical trips this summer.
We could not be more excited about this new addition. Carol is a hard working, compassionate Christian nurse with a true desire to use her skills for the glory of God. We have no qualms about strongly recommending her for support and working with her on the field. Please be praying for her as she has much to do in the next few months. We give all glory to God for orchestrating this team and we cannot wait to get there and begin serving!

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