April 2017

Springing Forward

April 2017

What an exciting time it is to be serving the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! A lot has occurred since the last prayer letter and we are glad to take this time to bring all of you up to date. Our primary focus during this time is raising money for the new property in Honduras. We have already taken over operation of the property and are thankful to have the Adam Jarvis family helping us keep things operational in Honduras while we are stateside raising funds.

On the new property, during March, Adam was able to host a medical group that treated over 800 people and saw many saved! Praise the Lord for this opportunity.

So many of you gave sacrificially and generously and we were able to send over $25,000 toward this purchase of the new property since our last letter! This is a HUGE blessing! We have had over $50,000 come in and be paid already. God is good and we are shouting Halleluiah! We have been able to present the work in some new churches and update some of our current supporters. Thank you to all of you who make the work in Honduras possible.

We just had printed some very nice brochures that explain what we are trying to do and showcase the new property. We have another $50,000 to raise by August. I have no idea how God will provide, but I can’t wait to find out. We need your prayers much right now.

We are also preparing for the birth of our son, due the end of May. Beth is doing well and there have been no complications. Charlotte and Clara are eager to meet their baby brother.

We are also working on scheduling groups that would like to come down and help as we set up the new property. We are ready to host your church any time after August.

We are thankful to announce that missionary Carol Carney will be joining our staff in Honduras. She will be serving as a medical missionary and working to meet the needs of our children’s home in the future. She will begin language school this fall. She is still in need of additional support. If you are looking to further your missions program, we recommend her fully. http://carolcarneytohonduras.com/

Spiritual warfare is real and we covet your prayers. The more we attempt for God, the more battles we face. We are certainly not extraordinary people. We are helpless, sinful people serving an extraordinary God. I am amazed that I get to do these things that God has laid before me. Would you pray for our family that we would not just accomplish a work, but that we would grow stronger spiritually?

Thank you all for your financial support and your prayers. God is at work and I am glad to be a part of it! Thank you for joining us as we serve God in Honduras.

Sincerely In Christ,

The Birkholz Family

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