August 2017

Dear Ministry Partner,

The last month has been an incredible time in our ministry. It is difficult to know where to begin. A few weeks ago, I (Chris) had the opportunity to move down to Honduras and begin setting things up for our new ministry in Lejamani, Comayagua, Honduras. Beth and the kids remain in the states with plans to join me September 4th. SO many of you have been faithfully praying and interceding on our behalf and we are beyond grateful! This month we asked you for help with the cost of our airline tickets and within a few days our supporters had raised the amount needed.  God provides and often uses His people as the means. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A few months ago a young married couple who had worked with us in Copan asked about joining us in Comayagua. We had grown to love these people very much, but wanted to be very ethical in how we handled there move to Comayagua. I asked this young man, Alan, to talk with the missionary in Copan first and I would follow up after. We are thankful for the response, “If that’s where God wants you, that’s where I want you.” I followed up with a phone call to ask the missionary in Copan how I could best handle the move and was given the utmost graciousness. Alan and Karina were able to leave Copan with a great testimony and believe that God has called them to join our staff here. Many of you know Alan and Karina and we are thrilled to have them on our staff!

Please pray for Alan as he is dealing with some health problems involving a pinched sciatic nerve. This is causing him great pain and we have been seeking medical professionals in the area. The local doctor asked Alan to have an MRI done. After looking at the results, we decided we needed to see a specialist as the pinched nerve is the result of a slipped disk in his back. Currently Alan is not able to do much and is praying the inflammation goes down, He has a number of prescriptions that may help over time. If his situation does not improve he will be needing surgery. Would you join us in praying that God heals his back and nerve without the need for any additional procedures?

I have taken over as pastor the church here, Iglesia Bautista Lejamani. Right now the attendance ranges from 20-30. We had a Wednesday night recently with 37! Praise the Lord. We had 28 people inside a 15 passenger van. Please pray for me as I preach, that God would use me. It is still a challenge for me to preach effectively in Spanish.  We also began a Saturday visitation program. I wasn’t sure who would come, but we had four people meet and go to invite people and pass out John and Romans. We have very few people coming from the area right around the church, and this will be our focus for the time being.

Please pray for Beth as she will be flying to Honduras in a few days with three children. She will be traveling with Carol Carney and another teenager who will be helping with the transition and living with us for a couple of months..  Carol will be joining our staff within the next year and is starting language school in September.  Beth is supposed to fly through Houston, and we are not sure what the status will be at the airport there by Monday. Please pray that she has no complications.

In the last two weeks since being here on the new property, we have faced car trouble, break-ins, health problems, bug infestations, and other challenges. God has led through each challenge. This reminds me, however, how much we need your prayers. We are endeavoring to accomplish a Spiritual work and this cannot be done in the power of the flesh. The Devil will attack and discourage wherever he can get a foothold. I believe that your prayers makea difference in the lives of your missionaries more than you could ever know. Thank you for your faithfulness in parterning for the Gospel’s sake here in Honduras.

In Christ,

Christopher Birkholz, Missionary

If you would like to contact us for any reason, my cell phone number can still receive texts at 860-484-9680.


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