August Update

August Update

August was a very busy and transitional month for our family. We have been praying and seeking God’s will as the door was closed for us to continue working with the ministry in Honduras where we had been. We have been praying that the door would open for us to return, while at the same time looking ahead as to where God may direct us. Beth and I agree, our hearts are still firmly planted in Honduras.

We came to the conclusion that we needed to return to the states this month to 1. Talk to our pastor, 2. Invest in our family, 3. Update churches and 4. Pray for direction. God has been good to us! I was so thankful for the time our pastor, Andrew Browning, spent with me. He was incredibly helpful and encouraging when we needed him most. What a blessing to catch up with folks from our home church as well. Our pastor recommended we have a season of prayer and take the time to make a choice that is best. We chose not to make any large decisions regarding ministry until at least next month.

During this month I was able to present and update many churches about what we have accomplished during our time in Honduras thus far. I was able to be at churches in CT, PA, FL, and GA. I logged almost 5000 miles driving between meetings. Beth and the girls, were able to spend time with family in PA and take some much needed time off. We are now all back together and ready for the next step God has for our family.

We have been praying and searching out God’s will about where and how we can serve God most effectively. There have been different options and directions that we have considered, but God has made one direction the clearest to us at this time. We have every intention of returning to Honduras. In our next prayer letter, we will give more information and details about our new direction.

We have linked below to a short video that highlights some of our work in Honduras up to this point. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support for our families. Please understand we are continuing to serve God in Honduras and we are always available to answer any questions you may have. My cell phone is 860-484-9680.

The future is as bright as the promises of God!


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