Buenas Dias!


Greetings to our faithful prayer and financial supporters. We thank the Lord for your sacrifices that allow us to be in such a beautiful place serving Him. We do not take for granted the privilege that it is to be used and are grateful for your part in His work here in Honduras.
We have been very busy in the past couple of months. Language learning, residency paperwork, orphan caring, helping church plants and new pastors, relationship building, and home repairs are just a few of the things that have been part of our days as we adjust to our new life here. The property where we live is a busy place. School commenced a couple of weeks ago as well as the Bible Institute here on our property. Chris preaches each morning to the children and teachers before the school day begins. It is helping him to learn the language and he enjoys the interaction with all the kids. We are currently helping one of the small church plants, Iglesia Bautista la Verdad, in a village called Planes as a young man from our Bible Institute has recently taken over the leadership of it. Planes is not a large town, but it has 3 Pentecostal churches in it that have twisted the truth and keep hundreds of people in darkness. Please pray for Juan Carlos, the young preacher there that we are hoping to encourage and enable to reach many in this town.
Next week, Chris will be flying out to a missions conference in Tennessee and will be gone for more than a week. If a church in the Tennessee/Georgia area would like him to come and give an update, he is available on Wednesday evening, March 9th. Please pray for safe travels and for Beth and the girls as they stay behind.
We have been able to accomplish several things in the way of residency. There is a very long list of complicated paperwork that must be gotten for us to be considered residents. We have collected and accomplished many things on the list, but still have a long way to go.3
A few other requests that we would ask that you bring before the Lord for us are as follows:
– A personal vehicle for our family (We currently use one of the ministry’s vehicles whenever one is available)
-Residency paperwork to be finished in a timely manner
-Language studies
-The Jarvis family to have wisdom in the running of the children’s home
If you are interested in coming to see your missions dollars at work, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to work out a time for you to visit. A huge thank you to each of you that love and pray for us!


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