The Place

Well it is true there are other missionaries in Honduras, the need on this field is truly overwhelming. The country is slightly larger than the state of Virginia. Consider these alarming facts:

  • Honduras is the most Dangerous country in the world and contains the most dangerous city.
  • 53% of all households are single mothers –¬†Kinnear 1999
  • The average age for a woman’s first pregnancy is 15
  • Honduras has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in Central America –PCI Media Impact
  • 80% of registered births do not have father’s names. Kim Beck, Youth For Christ
  • 65% of the population live below the poverty level of $2USD per day. Michel, Uting, Moquin. “Honduras: A Risk Assessment Brief” 2007
  • 1 out of 3 persons suffer from critical hunger
  • Unemployment rate is 27.8%
  • 180,000 children in Honduras are orphaned or abandoned –¬†UNICEF
  • 10,000 children are prostituted and sexually exploited each year.1 – Casa Alianza

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