February Update

Greetings to all of our faithful prayer warriors! Much has occurred in the last month since we gave an update. We have traveled many miles and made many new contacts.
We were blessed to be able to be in a missions conference in Walland, Tennessee a few weeks ago that blessed us in so many ways. It was incredible to see a relatively small church doing such a huge amount for world evangelism. Their supported missionaries easily outnumbered the membership and their hearts to help missionaries was humbling to behold. We were able to see 2 young ladies called to the mission field and many more were stirred to increase their commitment to give. Thank you so much Ridgeview Baptist for allowing us to be at your conference!
We were able to visit several other churches in the East Tennessee area before heading down to southeast Georgia. We presented our work at churches in the St. Mary’s area. Chris has made the long journey from St. Mary’s to Cincinnati and then on to Peoria, Illinois for meetings. Please pray for him as he travels to several churches in a short amount of time. Please pray for safety, health, and for churches that will partner with us for the sake of the Gospel in Honduras. Our upcoming meetings include churches in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Georgia.
While traveling from Cincinnati to Peoria, Chris realized he needed some work done on some bearings in the front of the truck. He was quoted an extremely high price at one place and eventually found one that would do the work for a fraction of the cost. Once the work was completed, the mechanic waved off payment altogether without even knowing he was helping a missionary. Praise the Lord!
On a personal note, I (Beth) am now 22 weeks along in this pregnancy. The doctor seems pretty confident after the ultrasound that we are expecting another girl. Charlotte is thrilled about this and Chris is feeling outnumbered. Please continue to keep our medical expenses for the birth in prayer as we are currently expecting to pay for it out of pocket. We are so grateful that everything continues to go well in the pregnancy and the baby looks very healthy.
Please continue to petition our God for our safe arrival in Honduras at the end of this year. There is much work to be done and we are eager to get to it. May God bless each of you for your part in our journey so far, whether financially or prayerfully. Each of you play a part in what God is doing in and through us.

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