The last month has been an incredible and busy time for the Birkholz family. We have been in meetings in CT, PA, and FL. The highlight recently, was a trip to Honduras to move all of our belongings to the new property. As of right now we have had about $44,000 committed to the purchase of this property.  Thank you so much for your giving and sacrifice! Seeing the church/orphanage property and being in Honduras has again filled us with drive and determination to accomplish what God has called us to. We are praying that an individual or church would pray about helping us fund and/or finance the remaining balance. Would you pray about this need and share it with others. We are amazed at what God has done and are excited to watch as He provides. Here is a brief explanation of our financial need: The property value is around $300,000. It is being offered to us at $200,000. We are almost done raising the first $50,000 and are praying for someone to help us with the remaining $150,000. Although this seems like a mountain, we trust God will provide. Please help us carry this burden. We are working feverishly to express this need to as many churches as we can.

Beth’s pregnancy is moving along well. We recently found out we are having a boy! We are praying for a young man who will grow up to serve God. Charlotte and Clara are recovering from a rough bout with a cold. Pray for Beth as she has a tremendous amount on her right now.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for our family. It is a great blessing to be serving the King of Kings!

Sincerely In Christ,

The Birkholz Family


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