Greetings From Indiana

Greetings from southern Indiana!  We have been busy in the last month and have really enjoyed meeting some great people.  Since the missions conference in North Carolina at the end of February/beginning of March, we have been at churches in Chilhowie, VA; Dayton, TN; Madison, IN; and Borden, IN.  We are also thrilled to report that we have added two supporting churches to help us get to Honduras.  Several other churches have promised to prayerfully consider supporting us as well.  It is marvelous to know God’s hand is guiding us each step of our journey.  Also, we have received our largest love offering to date from a single church.  Our God provides!

Our partners in ministry, the Jarvis family, were not far from one of the churches we were visiting and we were able to spend some time with them planning and discussing for the future in Honduras together.  What a blessing to have likeminded friends with which to work!  We were also able to stop by at revival services in Indiana preached by our friend, Chris Chavez.  What a joy to reconnect briefly with him and his sweet wife.

Please keep us in prayer as we are in a few churches in Indiana coming up, and then we head west for a while.  Upcoming states on our agenda are Iowa, Michigan, South Dakota, and North Dakota.  We hope to add a few mugs to our state coffee mug collection as we visit states we have never been to before.  If you know of a church in these upcoming states that would be interested in hearing our burden for the people of Honduras, please let us know.  We would be delighted to visit them.  Again, your prayers are greatly appreciated.  We are adding new meetings to our schedule all the time so check out our itinerary.  We may be coming to your town!



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