Greetings from sunny Pensacola!

mbtWow! What a month! Since our last update, we have almost literally driven the wheels off of our trailer. We were in a wonderful conference in south central PA that we had to leave early from to get to a Sunday meeting in southern Indiana. We drove about 570 miles in one day. In the week following, we were to be at Mansfield Baptist Temple in Mansfield, Ohio for their missions conference. A 5 hour drive turned into a 7 and 1/2 hour drive as we blew a trailer tire along a very lonely stretch of highway. Chris was able to put our spare on and we made it to a tire place. They quickly replaced our bad tire and we made it just in time for the conference! What a huge blessing that church was to us. There is nothing more special to a missionary family than a church that truly loves missionaries. The picture in the post is from their “Around the World” program that the children put on.  We were blessed time and time again during their conference, and someone in their church even bought us all new trailer tires! Praise God!
We drove another 13 hours to Pensacola, Florida to be a part of the missions conference at Faith Baptist Church. It was a blessing to us to be with other missionaries that truly love the Lord, and to see God’s hand of blessing on this church ministry. What a generous and loving church! Thank you Faith Baptist!
Our next meeting will be in Anderson, South Carolina this coming Sunday. Our 6th and final missions conference of the fall season is the week following that in Brunswick, Ohio. We have enjoyed these couple of weeks in the warm South but will soon be returning to the North. We still have many more miles to travel! Overall, God has kept us safe and allowed our journeys to be mostly uneventful. We are immensely grateful for a laid back little two year old who rarely complains after so many days in her car seat. As long as she has her (actually it is mine) tablet with her Mickey Mouse episodes on it, she does not care where we take her.
Please continue to pray that God will allow us to be at 50% by the end of this year. We are close to that and believe that God can bring us there in the next couple of months. That will keep us on track to be at 100% by the end of next year so that we can leave for the field at the desired time.
We also ask that you pray for the ministry in Honduras. They had massive flooding a few weeks back and the only bridge onto their property was mostly washed away. People in the nearby town were killed, and almost then entire herd of cows belonging to the orphanage were washed away as well. In a country and ministry that has so little, this is devastating. We are working on doing a fundraiser to help with the expenses of replacing these vital things. Stay tuned to our website for details!

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