June Update

We have much to report for the previous month and apologize for the lateness of it. So very much has happened that we are praising God for and about which we need your prayers.
To begin with, we were indeed able to purchase a vehicle! We are now the proud owners of a 2001 Ford Ranger and it has already proved to be invaluable. However, due to the terrible condition of the roads here, the truck needed many repairs and we had unforeseen expenses of $2500. It has broken down twice just in the short time we have owned it so we are hoping with the repairs we have done, this will not be a trend.
Charlotte turned 4 this past month and Clara had her first birthday. Both girls are such a blessing to our family. It was a busy month for us!
We are excited to report that Chris was able to lead 3 people to Chris this month, Jordy, Maria, and Marjorie. Jordy and Maria both live on the orphanage property and Marjorie lives in Planes and attends the church that Juan Carlos pastors. We are thrilled to be a small part of seeing new names written down in Heaven! Your prayers and financial support have enabled us to do so and this fruit abounds to your account as well.
It is with heavy hearts that we report that we were asked to move off the orphanage property by Ronnie Doss. It was entirely unexpected and we are still shocked by this unexpected turn of events. Ronnie has decided that we are not a good fit for the ministry. Our hearts are still very much there and we do not feel that God has changed His mind about where He called us, but we are being open to His leading and accepting of whatever is next for us. We have rented a house in Santa Rosa, the town about 25 minutes from the property and are actively seeking new ministry opportunities as well as still doing what we can to minister to the people on the property. Ronnie has said we are still welcome on the property and he has no problem with us, but that we needed to find a new ministry. As confusing and heartbreaking as this is to us, we are well aware that this did not come as a surprise to God and we are trusting His leading through it. Please pray for direction and wisdom. We ask for your patience as we seek the Lord and His will for our lives.  If anyone has any questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us at 860-484-9680 or Ronnie at 011-504-9817-5477.
We were specifically asked to put some personal needs into this update so here they are.
-New truck tires
-Funds to purchase furniture for our new house such as a dining room table and chairs

Thank you.  Your support, love, and prayers for us are extremely important!

Instead of submission, I should write acceptance, for more and more, as life goes on, that word opens doors into rooms of infinite peace, and the heart that accepts asks nothing, for it is at rest, and the pilgrim of love does not need a map or chart. ‘I know my road, and it leadeth to His heart.'” –Amy Carmichael

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