March/April Update

First, I want to say a thank you for all of you that have been praying for our ministry and our family. Many of you have contacted me over the last month and let me know you and your church are praying for us and that means the world to us. Thank you, thank you , thank you! Through your help we were able to complete the renovation on the dorm interior. It came out wonderfully and expands the influence and capacity of our current facility. Thank you for giving! We were amazed and blessed at how God provided ALL that was needed. To God be the glory. The dormitory now includes three private bedrooms that can each fit up to 4 people. We were also able to purchase new bunk beds and new mattresses and dressers. This renovation will be used for many years to come.

We are thrilled to welcome three new teenagers to our property, Cindy, Fili, and Leslie.  They contacted us about needing a place to live. We were able to get Leslie into school locally in 8th grade and the others are planning to study in a college next semester. Right now they are helping with the cooking and cleaning of the property and we also have Cindy helping out another local family each weekday. Please pray that God gives us wisdom with who to bring in to our home and who to decline. I am dealing with requests from other teenagers that want to come live here. It is not an easy decision. No matter what I do some will not understand and I need God’s help with this.

With these new additions we now have 16 people living on the property including our family. That equals 48 meals a day, 336 meals a week, 120 eggs and who knows how many cups of coffee! The cost of daily operation is definitely on the rise. Please pray that God provides the extra finances needed as we continue to grow.

We were blessed to have Pastor Ben Oesterling and his wife Kelly visit with us for a few days last week. He is the pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Prospect and has been a great friend to us as we serve in Honduras.

The church here, Iglesia Bautista Lejamani, has been steadily growing. Transportation is becoming more and more challenging. We often have the 15 passenger van loaded to around 30 people and then turn around to get the rest. We are exploring options to start a second route. Please pray for the church to be faithful, this will help us know when is the right time to step out and pay a van to drive a second route for us. We are thankful for two people that accepted Christ on Saturday visitation. Amen!

The church here was able to purchase a sound system with their money. I am thrilled by this for two reasons. First, it was needed for music and preaching, and second, it is something they paid for and they can take ownership of, not something just given to them by an American. We have several people that would like to learn to play the piano and could start scheduling lessons immediately if there was a way for the kids to practice here. We would like to purchase a good full size electric piano for the property. It would be used in the church as well. If that is something you would like to help with just send me a FB message.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are honored for the privilege to represent your church missions program here in Honduras.

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