March Update


Happy Resurrection Day!  Thank you to each of you that continue to keep up with us and pray for us. We are honored that you spend time thinking of us. It has been a very busy month here on our property. Chris returned from the missions conference in Tennessee, and was able to speak with 4 different pastors while in the states about our ministry. We are praying for more supporters for the work here.IMG_20160322_131527-01
We have been able to be involved in renovating one of the boys’ dormitories here on our property. It is exciting to see the improvements! One of the young men training for ministry here, Allan, has done the vast majority of the work and has done a fantastic job.IMG_20160322_132246-01IMG_20160322_132251-01
The church work in Planes continues. IMG_20160322_131334-01We have been able to help Juan Carlos with visiting church members and inviting new people to the church. Juan Carlos and Chris have planned a special church dinner for next Sunday. The church is small and they have never done anything of this sort before. We are excited to see the people come together as a church family and take some ownership of Iglesia Bautista la Verdad, instead of it just being a place they attend. We had first time visitors in the service this morning and are praying for them to return.  Pray for this town.
Last week saw hundreds of people coming to our property for Easter week festivities.IMG_20160326_170145-01 People from the surrounding church plants come to our property in droves for special services during the day, Thursday through Saturday, with some time for soccer as well. IMG_20160326_135102-01The women who work in the kitchen fed hundreds of people each day, and did so with great efficiency.IMG_20160320_203410-01IMG_20160320_203338-01
We continue our language studies, house renovations, orphan caring, church helping, and relationship building as God opens doors for us. Last week, we had a small group from Tennessee visit the property that have come previously 16 times. IMG_20160322_181600-01If you would be interested in a missions trip or if your church is looking for a special missions project, we would love to help organize either of those things for you.  Thank you again for taking the time to read and pray.  We would be unable to do what we love doing here without your involvement and support.  IMG_20160318_062056-01

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