May 2017

As May is drawing to a close, we are quickly approaching our return date to the field. Over the last several months, God has brought many things together. First, Carol Carney, will be starting language school this fall. She is a nurse that will be joining our staff. She will attend to the medical needs of the ministry and national church and in the future be organizing medical trips and medical evangelism in Honduras. What a blessing! Secondly, Marcos is a Honduran national that has pastoral experience. Right now we are helping him through Bible college under missionary Sam Hodges in Sabanagrande. Marcos will be joining our staff at the completion of Bible college. Thirdly, we have been contacted by a number of people that are interested in helping and are excited at what God is putting together. Since the last prayer letter we have been scheduling  work groups and mission groups to come down and work on the new property. We would love to have you or your church come down for a visit. We charge $300 per person for groups. This allows us to cover all your food, lodging and transportation while you are in the country, and leaves us with funds for a work project during your stay. Let us know if your church is interested. We would love to host you!

God has allowed us to collect well over $50,000 dollars and we are getting closer to meeting our financial commitments. We are thankful beyond words to those who have given and sacrificed for our family and for this ministry in Honduras. It has been amazing to see how God has provided. We still have a great financial need to finish this year’s $100,000 commitment for the property purchase.  We need an additional $40,000 by August. This seems overwhelming, but we are trusting God for it and making our plans to return to the field in August. We are asking all of our supporting churches, friends, and family to consider a one time special offering on June 25th for this need. We would like to finish this fundraising effort with this offering. I have enclosed a PDF file that can be printed and used as a promotional tool in your church.  We are excited to see how God answers prayers! Would you please consider a one time gift for this property purchase?

More than anything else we need your prayers. Today is the due date for our third child. Doctors tell us we will be having a boy any day now! Please pray for this young man to grow up as a faithful ambassador for Jesus Christ. We have a lot of financial pressure, time pressure, and family pressure and we do not want to give the Devil any stronghold.  We are thankful to all our prayer warriors. The battle is spiritual and you are one reason we press on. Many times over the last few months, I have had someone say, “Bro. Chris, I pray for your family every day.” You have no idea how much that means to me. We are praying that God blesses all of the combined efforts of His people with a plentiful harvest.

We were in a mission conference recently, with the theme, “Step Out.”  Never have we lived in such a time when it was more needful for God’s people to step out and move forward. We step out and move forward as a team and your partnership with us makes that possible. Thank you for your faithful support.

Feel free to call me anytime to learn more about what God is doing. I can be reached at 860-484-9680.

In His Service,

Chris Birkholz


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