Merry Christmas from Copan, Honduras!

Greetings to you this Christmas season!  We apologize for the lateness of this update, but we have been a bit busy of late.  We flew out of Hartford, Connecticut at 6:50 am on the 12th of December.  Despite, an extremely early morning, 2 delayed flights, trouble with baggage, and a very long drive from airport to home property, our family did remarkably well on the journey.  Upon arrival at the property where we currently live, we lived in the guest house for the first week.  Daphne, a girl who has grown up on the property, was living in our house while we were on deputation.  Her new house was being finished up so that she could move into it.  We moved into our new-to-us house on Saturday the 19th of December.  We are currently working on some projects in the house and getting it furnished.  It is thrilling to be stationary and to be HOME.


Chris has been able to drive a bus to pick up people for church services, take kids to the medical clinic in Santa Rosa, preach for church services, help in the beginning of a new church plant in La Entrada, and visit an elderly lady in her home to have a brief service with her.  We have definitely hit the ground running!

Tuesday, the 22nd of December, we had our first missions group arrive!  The Riddick family from Immanuel Baptist Church in Edenton, NC did a huge Christmas project and purchased gifts for each child here at Hogar de Amor.  DSC_0849-01They will be with us throughout the week, spending their Christmas here with the kids. DSC_0836-01 Following are a few pictures of children here receiving their Christmas gifts. DSC_0844-01 Each child has a name and a story that will break your heart. DSC_0722-01 Some do not know their age.DSC_0824-01  Most do not know their parents.DSC_0858-01  But here at Hogar de Amor they have been loved and cared for without reserve.          DSC_0830-01         Yesterday, we had an evening Christmas service and meal for everyone who attended.  Last night and this morning, gifts were distributed.  Some of the gifts included a pair of shoes, Bibles, soccer balls, dresses for the girls, basic toiletries, and a few toys. DSC_0863-01 Please pray that each of these children will come to know Christ personally and will grow up to serve Him here in this needy country.  The need for solid families here is strong. DSC_0839-01 Unless someone teaches these children differently, they will be part of the sad statistics that haunt a country in desperate need.  We believe God has led us and the Jarvis family here to serve, to love unconditionally, to come alongside, to encourage, and to meet a variety of needs. DSC_0828-01 Pray for us as we seek to find our niche and truly make this home for our family.  Pray for us as we learn Spanish.  The current inability to communicate is frustrating, but also motivating.

Finally, come and visit us!  We have a Connecticut phone number that will not cost you anything to dial.  860-937-9769.  Call us to schedule a missions trip.  If you are reading this, we truly want you to see this work in person.  Meet these children personally.  Hear their stories.  See what God has done in planting His churches here in these beautiful mountains.  We promise, you will not be the same.  DSC_0872-01

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