Missions Trip!

As I type this, Chris is sitting in Atlanta waiting for a connecting flight to San Pedro Sula! He is going to be with a group of about 15, mostly men, from Groton, CT and Milford, OH. Our partner in ministry, Adam Jarvis, will be joining him there. Chris and Adam are both so excited to be there for a week and be able to speak with Ronnie Doss about the ministry. We are often overwhelmed at the magnitude of the need there at that ministry. Please pray with us that Chris and Adam will be safe and effective with their missions group.
Since our last post, we have finished our tour through the Midwest. What a wonderful time we had! Great churches, new friends, and many many miles traveled. How encouraging to see churches with a heart for missions all over the country! We met fellow missionary Kaitlyn Baus, missionary to Ghana, while in Hoven, SD and were encouraged by her eagerness to serve the Lord. Pray that she will reach the field soon. She is close to full support.
We are currently parked at Hoosier Hills Baptist Camp in southern Indiana, a wonderful place where Chris and I both worked as counselors several years ago. They are doing a great work for God.
We had a specific financial need yesterday, and we saw God provide, as He always does. It is after answered prayer that I find myself wondering, “Why do I ever doubt?” He always keeps His promises! We are so humbled to be in the service of such a powerful God.
Thank you thank you for your continued prayers and support on our behalf. May God bless you tremendously for it!

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