November Update

Church Planting Focus

We have two main areas of focus in Honduras, orphan caring and church planting. We have, as of late, been writing and posting about the future orphanage property, but I wanted to write and let you all know about our church planting focus and direction.

First of all, we believe strongly that the great commission IS church planting. It is the church who is commanded to go, it is the church who is commanded to disciple, and it is the church who is commanded to baptize. In order for this to happen, new churches must be established. We believe any “great commission” work involves starting, building, or strengthening the local church. Although we believe that orphan caring strengthens the local church by building Christ-like people and families, our work is not only caring for orphans.

We are working to have a “church-planting” ministry in Honduras and we want to let you in on our plans. We want to use nationals. It is not the healthiest option for an American to simply pastor a Honduran church. We want to train and enable qualified Honduran men for the role of the ministry.

marcosWe have come up with a program to help Hondurans train and prepare for the ministry by offering a special internship program. We are looking for men who believe God has called them into ministry to join us on our new property for one year. Upon completion of this internship, we will work with them to help them through two years of Bible college in Honduras. Once they have completed their internship and their schooling, we will work with them to raise the funds to acquire land and build a church building.

We believe this allows God-called men an avenue to train for the ministry, and allows us to have a specific way to start new churches. Once a new church is started, we will continue helping for a limited period of time to ensure the new church’s success until it is independent and autonomous.

We are excited about this direction and have already begun with this. Currently we are helping a young man named Marcos. He has some pastoral experience and is working to finish Bible college, with some assistance from us. We are hoping to work with him and possibly train him to pastor the church on the property.

On a monthly basis, we are happy to report we have had two new churches take us on for support and have many thousands of dollars for the property acquisition promised. We will be releasing more information about the property purchase in the coming weeks. If you would like more information on our chrismas project, go to

Sincerely In Christ,

Chris Birkholz

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