October Update

Thank you to all of our supporters and faithful prayer warriors! God has been so good to us as we have been working and getting things moving forward. The church, Iglesia Bautista Lejamani, has been steadily growing and we are thankful that our Saturday visitation has started to result in new faces. The church is the main focus right now and I have been preaching through a series in Galatians. There are many people who have a lot a false doctrine mixed into their faith. We have many regular attenders who struggle with some basic Bible doctrines as they have had false teaching in other places before being in a Bible teaching church. Please pray with us, that we would be able to help them learn what the Bible says.

Many of you prayed for Alan and the problems with his back. He went to have surgery done, but the doctor, at the last minute, decided against surgery and is treating Alan differently. It seems to be working and Alan is back to a full schedule. We are thankful for a church who gave to help the cost of some of these medical bills. Also a church helped us replace the guitar that Karina had stolen when the church was robbed a few months ago. We have a few more Hondurans moving to the property this month. This is intimidating as the responsibility seems to grow exponentially at times. We will introduce you to some other Hondurans living here in our next letter.

Would you pray with me for Heirson? He has been helping us on the property and has been staying here as well. He has a religious background that is confusing him to the simplicity of the Gospel. I had the opportunity to witness to him and we talked a lot about some of this. He was very receptive, but is stumbling over the idea that salvation is NOT of works. I would love to see him accept Christ!

I made a very quick trip back to the states to wrap up some details. In two weeks I drove 3500 miles and was in 14 different states. Thank the Lord for a profitable time and a safe journey.

We have some very exciting news to announce! As you may remember, we have three main areas of focus in our ministry here in Honduras, church planting, medical evangelism and orphan caring. We are happy to report, not only do we have Carol Carney preparing to be our staff nurse, but we have a new family that will be joining us as the director of the children’s home. We are happy to introduce to you Bro. Nathan Riddick and family. Nathan has had a heart for children for many years and he and his wife, have adopted three children from the foster care system in the States. He also has been developing a heart for missions and specifically Honduras for the past number of years. He has been to Honduras on multiple mission trips and has seen the needs here first hand. He and his family will be a welcome addition to our staff. Please pray they are able to raise their support quickly.

We need your prayers. There are battles we face that will never make it into a prayer letter. Whenever you try and accomplish anything for God the Devil always brings opposition. God has been providing in some miraculous ways, yet we look ahead at some of the needs and expenses and it quite honestly overwhelming. I don’t see how it will all work out. I am trying to learn every day to take these burdens to the “Burden-bearer!” There is, however, such an incredible peace in following the leading of God and being in His will. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone!

I can recieve calls and texts on my Connecticut number at 860-484-9680. This forwards to my cell phone and office. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

Because He Lives,

Chris Birkholz

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