Offering Reminder

Dear Friend,

We are praying that you and your church will join us in our “Nation WIde” offering. We desperately need to finish the fundraising for phase 1 of our property purchase in Honduras. To date we have raised over $62,000! To God be the glory great things HE hath done. Many of you have given and have sacrificed already. We are asking your help to finish our fundraising this Sunday, June 25th. We are trying to raise $37,000 to finish off the finances needed for us to move back to Honduras in August. Would you consider a one time love offering for this cause as part of your morning service this Sunday?

If you can participate, let me know by phone call or text so that we can total up just how God provides! 860-484-9680

If you cannot help at this time, could you share this with others that you know? We believe God is at work in a big way here and we believe there are many who are looking for a ministry such as this that they can get behind.

We have a church planting, orhan caring, medical evangelism ministry in one of the fastest growing parts of Honduras. To learn more visit our website

Thank you for your consideration in this need!

Chris Birkholz, missionary

Download a printable PDF for your church here:

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