Prayer Request

As many of you know we had a Honduran couple join our staff upon our arrival in Honduras. Alan and Karina Ortiz have been a tremendous blessing and have been working hard alongside us.  Alan has been able to help me with a lot of the visiting and soul winning, maintenance on the property, and has preached for me at the church. Karina has been invaluable helping Beth with cleaning, cooking and helping with our kids. We love this family dearly and are thrilled to be working with them.

We mentioned before, Alan has been struggling with tremendous pain in his back and leg. This is mostly caused by a pinched nerve caused by a slipped disk in his back. We have helped Alan see multiple doctors, get and MRI, meet with a specialist, and consult with a doctor in the states. At this time we believe that Alan needs to have an operation/procedure done to repair the damage. Normally this is thousands of dollars even here in Honduras.  God has allowed us to find a doctor who will do this procedure for free in a town about 6 hours away. He is doing this as a gift to Alan and the ministry. This is a tremendous answer to prayer.

Alan and I will be traveling to Santa Rosa at the beginning of next week to have this procedure done. We are writing this note to specifically to ask for your prayers for safety travelling and for no complications. The trip will be made by bus and Alan and me. Alan may be in the hospital for a short time after the doctors are finished… All of the doctor bills have added up and we are excited that this doctor is able to help with the cost. We will also have to cover transportation costs and hotels for a day or two.  This month is proving to be challenging financially. We know God is in control and will provide as He is faithful to do.

We have some of the greatest prayer warriors praying for us and we wanted you to know what God is doing here. We are excited to tell you about some great blessings in our next prayer letter!

Please pray for Alan and Karina!


Chris Birkholz


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