September Update

Missions is the heart of God. If God cares about something, so should His children. The reason behind world evangelism is to show the glory of God in every place. Missions deals with people, but it starts with God! Years ago, God put the desire for missions in my heart. It was at a missions conference that God placed a call on my life to preach, and it was at a missions conference that God put a call on my life to go.

Once we knew God had led our family to be involved in full time missions, we began to pray about where that would be. At this point, we did not share with many what God was doing. We had been to Honduras repeatedly, and God kept bringing it to mind. We knew the needs there and had looked in the eyes of the people.

In the months following our call to missions, I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Charles Keen, one of the greatest missiologists of our time. God used this trip for us to network with another family, Adam and Aleassa Jarvis. We were able to share our burden and watch as God began to work in their hearts as well. We all began to pray for God to open doors and began pursuing Honduras.

Every time I think about the needs there, I am overwhelmed. The crime, poverty, and disease are normal life for many. The greatest need, however, is spiritual. Many of these problems in Honduras are caused by the sinful choices that have been made for years. The family unit in Honduras is quickly becoming a thing of the past. About 80% of children born in Honduras do not have the father’s name recorded on the birth certificate. The Bible has the answers!

Survey Trip

God has allowed us to plan our survey trip for the end of this month. Although Beth and Charlotte are not able to go this time, I will be traveling with Adam and Aleassa Jarvis. During this trip we hope to solidify our plans and learn more about the opportunity to serve God in Honduras. We will be visiting missionary Ronnie Doss who has planted  over 20 churches there as well as the members of Team Honduras. Please pray for our trip!

We are currently raising our startup costs. We need your help! Will you ask God what He will have you do for the great need in Honduras?  You can learn about our financial needs and make a donation on our website at

In Christ,

Chris Birkholz


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