Special Truck Update

Thank you to so many who have praying for us as we deal with our truck being out of commission. We are thankful for so many people who have sent us messages of encouragement. Many of you have asked for updates, so I am explaining the situation in detail here:

Last Saturday as we were driving, I smelled something coming from the engine. That evening, I looked under the hood to see brown sludge leaking from the coolant reservior. This was a mixture of oil and coolant due to a blown oil cooler. I hadn’t realized the oil cooler wasn’t functioning properly and soon one problem led to another. The mechanic had to drain and flush all the oil lines and coolant lines to remove sludge/sediment that was introduced to the system. He had to replace the oil cooler, EGR cooler, thermostat and some other gaskets and small stuff. He is also installing a coolant filter to help prevent a future failure. This is a very big job.

The mechanic doing the work had been a Ford diesel mechanic for 10 years and is able to do the work for much less than the dealer would charge. However, right now the bill is up to $2800+. This does not include the cost for a rental car, extra driving, etc… (I had to drive Beth 8hrs east toward Pa. and the return to Il. to wait on the truck. She is at a going away celebration for our ministry at a supporting church there.)

God has been good to us so far. We are thankful we didn’t break down while towing the trailer. We have been put in contact with people who have helped by providing a ride to the rental company and helped us move our trailer to a church parking lot. This keeps us from having to pay extra to be parked at a campground. We even had someone make us homemade Potato soup!

Right now the trailer is parked in Jacksonville, IL and the truck is still at the shop. I paid the mechanic $1493 to start the job. He is keeping in contact with me and would like me to pay the rest by tonight if possible so the payment can clear before we leave the area. Lord willing the truck will be finished by Wednesday night, or possibly Thursday.

This amount of money is a big deal for us right before we leave for Honduras, but it is not a big deal for our Heavenly Father! The timing didn’t take Him by surprise. Thank you so much for your prayer and support. Feel free to call or text me anytime, if you have any questions! 860-484-9680

I don’t know all God is doing, but I trust Him!

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