Update From Stockbridge, GA

We are thankful for God giving us just what we need. Over the last week and a half we have had the opportunity to present our ministry and visit many churches. Last Sunday we presented at the New Fountain Head Baptist Church in Bainbridge, GA. We were greeted by friendly people and were also blessed to meet a visiting pastor, Marty Brock, as well. He and his wife unexpectedly hosted us for the evening. What a blessing! It is a great blessing for us to meet such kind people along the way.

Our motorhome is still unavailable to us, due to repairs. We expect to know something by next Monday. We found a church in Stockbridge, GA willing to let us stay the week in their prophets chamber. We feel right at home since there is a Dunkin Donuts just down the street.

We have been diligent to make phone calls and send emails. Please pray that we will fill up our schedule quickly. It would be a great help if you could recommend us to any churches you have connections to. We have been getting more meetings lined up, however, we need some meetings in the southeast over the next few months.

Thank you for praying for us. We value each one of you. Feel free to leave comments on our web page so we know you are keeping up with us!

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