Wow! time flies when you are having fun! We truly are enjoying the path God has put us on these past 6 months. We have met so many wonderful new people, visited churches that are truly changing their towns for Christ, and slept in many new states. It is wonderfully encouraging to come across faithful servants of God, just consistently doing what God has called them to do. We are privileged to call many of them friends.

Our exciting news this month is that God allowed us to trade our RV for a new trailer! We are loving it so far, and Chris enjoys driving his new truck. The trailer cost us nothing! How wonderful to see God’s hand providing for us each step of the way!

We spent most of the months of April and May in Indiana. We were thrilled to be in several new churches and find many generous and loving people there. In the middle of May, we headed north to Michigan. We stopped in Columbus, Ohio and were able to see fellow missionaries Calvin and Mindy Houser to the Philippines. Please pray for them as they leave for their field in July. We are thrilled for them!

A dear friend pastors the Sparlingville Baptist Church just north of Detroit, and we loved getting to be a part of their Missions Emphasis Day along with veteran missionary Edgar Feghaly. From Michigan, we headed west. Old friends, great churches, and hearts for missions were found along our route in Illinois and Iowa. We find ourselves currently in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. As full time travelers, we are residents of South Dakota, due to the lower tax burdens here. We renewed both of our drivers’ licenses here and are working on registering the truck and trailer. Please pray this process is smooth and worry free.

This upcoming Sunday, we will be in Harvey, North Dakota. The next few weeks after that, we are working our way back east, as Chris will be leaving at the end of June for a week long trip to Honduras. Please pray for safety and for the group from southern Connecticut/Ohio that he is taking with him, that they will be a blessing. Also, our partners in ministry, the Jarvises, have officially started deputation as well. We are so excited for them and ask for your prayers for them as well.  We don’t take your prayers for granted. Thank you for taking the time to mention our name before our heavenly Father’s throne. It means so much to us!

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