Urgent Need!

This week, we were made aware of four teenage girls that had spent time in a children’s home and were recently given $5 and put on the streets to fend for themselves. We have known some of these teens for a few years, and we refuse to let them become statistics.  They have been staying at a friend’s house for a few days, but desperately need something more permanent.  Three of them will be coming to our property shortly.

In order to make a place for these girls, we need to divide a dorm into three rooms, install electricity and ceilings, and purchase beds, towels, and bedding.  We estimate this one-time cost to be about $5000.  This will allow us room for 8 more people on our property. We need to raise this money within a week and start construction in the next few days. Would you be willing to help these girls and others by giving towards this urgent need?

Please make on-time donations through the following link. This will ensure funds are available to us immediately. paypal.me/chrisbirk1

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