We Need Your Help!

bridgeI alluded to the fact that Ronnie Doss had a great need at his ministry in my last post. Due to severely heavy rains in the area, the only bridge onto the orphanage and church property was almost entirely washed away. It is completely unusable and they have to drive their vehicles down into the river to get to the property. We have contacted Ronnie and it will be approximately $9000 to rebuild the bridge. If you would consider donating to this great need, we know that everyone on the property would greatly appreciate it. Donations can be made on the website www.centralamericanmissions.com and there is contact information under the “contact us” tab. Any small amount of money will be a huge help! ¬†There is a group from Tennessee going down around Thanksgiving to help him repair this bridge so that it is usable again. ¬†Again, thank you for your consideration in helping with this ministry!

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