Welcome 2015!

We are so excited that 2015 is upon us! We have many meetings scheduled already for the year and can’t wait to see what God will do this year.
In December, we had meetings in the Cincinnati area of Ohio and also in Western Pennsylvania. In the last week, we have been able to drop in on two churches in Tennessee that have in turn, scheduled us for meetings!  This is very encouraging, as January is typically a difficult month for missionaries to be able to schedule meetings.  We are encouraged by God’s leading and provision.  We still have open dates in February and throughout the summer if you know of churches who are looking to schedule missionaries.  We would be delighted to meet them and show them our burden for the people of Honduras.  Our goal is still to be on the field by the end of this year and we are praying fervently toward that end.  We are currently at 40% support so we would need to bring in 60% of our support this year.  We firmly believe this is possible with a God like ours.  We cannot wait to see what He will do.

I (Beth) am currently 17 weeks through my pregnancy and things seem to be going well.  We have located a Christian doctor in the Athens, Tennessee area that will be delivering the baby.  We will be basing out of that area for the next few months so that we can be nearby for appointments.  We should be able to find out the gender at our next appointment, which we are very excited about.  We are tentatively settled on names already, which is absolutely shocking for us.  Who knows if our choices will survive our uncertainty for the entire pregnancy.  Please keep praying for finances for us, as this pregnancy is entirely out of pocket for doctor and hospital fees alike.

I mentioned in our last update that we had a nurse praying about moving to Honduras with us to run the clinic that is on the orphanage property.  She is going down for a very quick survey trip this weekend.  Please keep this in prayer for safety and for God’s leading.  As excited as we are about this possibility, we only want it if it is God’s will for her life.  Pray that His will be very clear to her.  We are grateful to everyone who came together to make this trip happen.

As always, thank you for your continued prayers for us.  We never want to appear to take that for granted.  We love each of you that prays so consistently for us and could not continue on this journey without you.  Thank you for your essential part in our ministry!

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