Winter Update

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The ministry here is growing and expanding quickly. Things are happening so quickly I wanted to write a more lengthy update this month and bring you all up to date.

Groups: Over the last few months we have had the great privilege to have groups and individuals visit from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Tennessee. This has enabled us to develop a stronger relationship with some of our wonderful supporters. It has also allowed us to build a shower-house, paint the church exterior, paint the dorm exterior and begin the foundation work on three houses we are building for future expansion. We are just finishing up all three foundations. With these groups we have been able to pass out thousands of John and Romans and visit and minister with several families in our area. We have also been able to get into one of the local schools and the door is open for further ministry in that school in the future.

Children’s Home: The children’s home is growing as we have funds and room to hold people. We have been able to take in children, teenagers, and two adults. We currently have 8 Hondurans living on the property. They have been an incredible blessing. Things get a little crazy when we are getting them all to school at different times, but we are slowly finding our rhythm. We have a number of people that want to come, and we are always needing God’s wisdom to make right choices regarding these requests. The names of those living in our home are Yessica, Itza, Eisa, Nury, Cinthia, Joba, Gerson and Luwin. Please pray for these Hondurans. We are excited to watch God work in their lives!

Church: The church has been growing. We have seen people saved and baptized since we have been here, but more recently we have seen some of the church people start inviting their friends and family. Most of our church comes on our 15-passenger van. It is not unusual to pack this van with 30 or more people and we are starting to have to take two trips to pick up everyone. It is exciting to have the church building filling up. I have always loved hearing Honduran believers raise their voices in song and in worship to God. Nothing like a full building for this!

Future Staff: We are excited that Nathan Riddick and his family will be joining us to direct the children’s home. They are currently on deputation and are making good progress. If you can have them into your church and help them get here it will be a huge blessing to them and to us! Carol Carney is in language school and is planning on joining us here this year. We are excited to watch how God uses her and medical missions to reach people with the Gospel here in this area.

Family: Our family is doing great here, and we are hoping to finish up our residency process this week! Charlotte has been learning how to read and is loving her “school.”   She goes every weekday over to another family’s house and is tutored by the wife. Clara is happy just wandering around and playing with anyone she can find. She is a talker, and everybody loves her blonde hair! Blake is getting better at sleeping through the night which is a really big help for Beth and me.  We love the culture, the people and the coffee and are so thankful for the privilege we have to be here and to be doing what we love.

Needs: With all of these blessings, come some very big needs. The weight of them feels insurmountable occasionally. We have paid all the first phase to purchase this property. Over the next 2.5 years, we need to pay the second phase. We need to raise $95,000 over that time. More immediately we are facing some significant vehicle repairs on both our pick up and the ministry van. We are in the process of building three houses for expansion and will need to pay for the block for the exterior walls. We are taking care of the expenses of more and more people, which also adds to our monthly costs. It has been amazing how God has provided every step of the way. God has proven Himself over and over to us. If you or your church would like to partner with any of these needs, please let us know.

We would love to have you come down and see for yourself what God is doing here. If you are interested in scheduling a missions trip, send me an email or a text message. Thank you all for your faithful support of our family. We are so blessed by your partnership with us!

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